Chiarentin Carlo began to deal with transport in 1922 with a boat pulled along the banks of the Brenta river by the strength of the arms alone, then by a horse and then by motor boat.

In 1975 his son Olindo changed his father's business by introducing motor vehicles. His resourcefulness and experience acquired over many years of work, has led the company to a continuous qualitative development of the service by inserting exceptional and rail transport at home.

Since 1985 Chiarentin Olindo has transformed the company into a s.n.c. and together with his three children, given the demand in the sector, he brings the intermodal service and the management of goods with his own equipment.

Since September 2006, the company has been transformed into a limited liability company, led by the children, continuing with the same dynamism as the father, with the aim of always offering a wide range of high quality services to meet the customer's needs.